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Travel operators

Add a modern and friendly touch to your customer relationship!

Differentiate yourself from your competition with these interactive applications, specifically developed for transport operators (air, rail, road or sea). They provide a way to present your services in an accessible and engaging way, entertain your customers; and can also be used as a means of providing information. They can be deployed on any device: Microsoft® Surface®, screens, tablet PCs or even touch screen walls - our applications adapt to suit your needs!

In a context where innovation is key to company performance, AFTER-MOUSE.COM offers you affordable cutting-edge solutions.

These 'à la carte' multi-user applications enable several people to share a magical experience around a unique touch screen unit.
Our applications can be adapted according to your needs: "The only limit is our imagination!"

Groundbreaking new features


Help your customers find their way around your sites (airports, railroad stations, service stations, even cruise ships) with a 3D view and selected POIs. The geolocation feature will enable them to find their way around the user-friendly interactive map quickly and easily.



Applications for young and old, which can be used independently. Our games provide a great way to liven up a waiting room, make a reception area more user-friendly or offer a fun alternative to the usual stack of magazines.

Interactive content

Individually or in groups, your customers can access a variety of interactive documents, with a choice of books, films and magazines. This service will help them pass the time waiting for a flight, or stay entertained during a railroad journey. This application offers a means to enhance your brand image and increase customer loyalty as well as gain new customers.

Interactive catalog

The interactive catalog gives your customers the chance to discover all of your products and services. The user simply selects the product or service of their choice to view the detailed information.

Product/service information

This enables users to explore in detail every aspect of their chosen product or service, on their own or together: photos, videos, technical details, 3D models, related products.

Interactive menu

The interactive menu is a real sales support tool, which can be installed on a tablet PC or a laptop, allowing you to present your on board choice of meals (such as meal trays on a plane, or menus on a train) in an engaging way. Your customers can choose their meal by selecting images from the products on offer.

Advertising space

Dynamic advertising spaces can be displayed, enabling you to communicate your brand, products or services or those of your partners. This could generate an add revenue stream.